July 27, 2013

Is there a pill for that?

Do you ever wonder why we take a turn for the worse? What are the inciting moments, the turning points, and the thing that makes us embrace behaviour that only a handful of years earlier was unthinkable?

First-they deny it happened as reported.
Next-they admit it happened but insisted it was exaggerated.
Finally-they ‘fess-up’.  It wasn’t exaggerated or taken out of context but insist...it’s no big deal.

What a week. I think back at the headlines of the week in sports. In track and field, once the noblest of sports, the Jamaicans and Americans have been caught red-handed swimming in drugs. I always believed that Jamaica was one big drug factory, but libel laws prevent me from naming names. I needed no research. All one had to do is look at these so-called stars’ physiques. Eight years from now we’ll know how many of them were cheating. My guess is all of them. Send the gold medals back now, boys and girls the postal rates will only go up.

Turkish football clubs have been caught fixing matches and have been given a reprieve. Thank you, Sepp Blatter.

The Tour de France is over, and being a gambler I’d bet there isn’t a single biker who’s clean, but proving it is another thing altogether.

And Stuart Broad nicked it but refused to walk. That’s cricket, now.

At the same time I’d bet the farm there wasn’t a single foreign substance taken by the men, women (oops pardon, persons) and horses with whom I just finished a game of cross-country racing. What a marvelous occasion that was.

What a bloody shame there isn’t a pill ... 
well you get my drift.