June 9, 2012

Don’t cry for me…

Well, well, well “The Fabulous Madonna” always ready to court controversy recently projected an enormous image of Marine Le Pen (with swastika on forehead) during a concert in Tel Aviv.

Then, she called on everyone to “rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and names of our religion, if we can rise above all that, and treat everyone around us, every human being with dignity and respect, we will have peace.”

Sadly, she does not apply those principles to herself.  Brandishing guns onstage in a “concert for peace” makes as much sense as going to war for peace. Oy vey! Kabbalah fried your brain, Madge. Stick to boys and toys—politics isn’t your bag.

Now if Madonna would only make an effort to age gracefully she might actually advance the peace and acceptance she so champions. 

Art and politics have always been inextricably linked. But Madonna should not be compared to writers such as Alexander Pushkin, nor should we assume that she is qualified to take on the establishment.  
Exploiting your celebrity status in the service of some half-baked political idea is irresponsible.  “Stars” ought stay out of politics and let those think that actually can.

“The fabulous Madonna”  late on stage for her opening Tel Aviv concert last week because she was waiting to get Gummi Bears.